Cool Out
Wisdom and Sound
Songwriters: Andrew Mencher.


Cool Out is the 2nd track on Wisdom and Sound's debut EP released on January 31st, 2019.


Cool out Cool out Just be cool How do I speak it in a method that Don’t seem like I think the world is a crooked rat So many people talk a plastic chat My heart's broken when they sounding like a bureaucrat Makes it hard to imagine that Sufferation doesn’t feel like a metal bat Don’t wanna judge it like a quick react But I feel tension like anxiety attack Cool out Cool out Just be cool Miseducation teaches prejudice I see kindness being simple and considerate There is no pride remaining ignorant Much more shameful showing violence to an immigrant You can’t be human and discriminant Check the mirror cuz you’re looking like a hypocrite All are equal and equivalent False pretension doesn't hold any merit Cool out Cool out Just be cool Times are tough but not a time for hate World is hurting cuz we’re crippled in a mental state Racist thoughts we need alleviate Shoulders burning when you’re holding onto heavy weight We’re all here as not to isolate Rather be the type of person we should duplicate It’s take no effort to appreciate Different cultures with respect to imitate